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pension confusion in the UK

If you thought that the pensions debate was confusing, stand by for utter mayhem once people start to realise the limitations of the new state pension that has been promised and which many are counting on in order to retire. They may well need to think again.

The government has let it be understood that anyone with 35 years of National Insurance (NI) contributions would get the new state pension. Yet many people are now receiving state pension forecasts from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) showing that although they have over 35 “qualifying years”, they will not be receiving the full pension, currently estimated to be at least £151.25.

In fact, This is Money recently reported that only one in three people will actually get the new state pension.

Why? And can you do anything about it?

The reason lies in people’s working records. Many people contracted out of paying into the old State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme (SERPS). They still paid national insurance at the basic rate, but they put the SERPS element into a private pension. When the DWP is calculating these people’s pensions, it doesn’t just say that you were contracted out for ten years, but you’ve actually got 45 years of contributions, so that leaves you with the 35 years needed to qualify for the new state pension.

It makes a calculation that assumes your private pension has done so very well for you that a further penalty must be placed on the state pension you would have got to make up for the fact that your private pension has done so well.

Equitable Life Anyone?

People who invested in the wound-up insurer, who have already lost most of their pensions, are now to be penalised further by getting a lower state pension. Bear in mind too that it’s not just those with personal pensions who are affected. Many employers with their own pension schemes also automatically contract out their employees. So past membership of an employed pension scheme may penalise you in future.

This mess is indicative of the muddled thinking and lack of transparency that has characterised the implementation of the new state pension, much trumpeted as a “simpler and fairer”.

Independent Financial Advisers will have a key role in explaining the impact to individuals – this isn’t something that’s easy to figure out from looking at the general statements produced by the government and the DWP.

It will be a case of examining each person’s contribution record and projected pension to try to figure out what the best path will be for them individually. It is still possible to purchase extra credits for the new state pension, but whether this is worth doing will depend on your personal circumstances. The state pension is usually one element of a savings picture that may include many different schemes and savings vehicles.

An Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will be able to take a broad view of your situation and help with your retirement planning.

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Importance of managed services in business

Have you just planned to execute your business, in case you’re overseeing and supporting your own IT in-house business, you’re most likely battling with the assets required to give the equipment, programming and technical support you require. Staying up with the latest and well informed will be costly and tedious, and it detracts your center from exercises that really assist your organization some assistance with growing. A complete managed services program which joins the most up to date innovation with online help you require.

Project management Lexington KY helps you in many ways

Provide the best possible advice from experts.

Provide easy billing process and choice to fluctuate your needs

Continuous observing of your system to redirect and maintains it from any unexpected issues.

Provide you assistance in enhancing the productivity and performance of your staff and business.

Importance of managed services

Managed services provider also provides access to the most current managed services and online assistance to boost profitability and strengths. Furthermore, once you make yourself free from the barriers of maintaining your building, you’ll have more opportunity to commit to0 profit building practices which helps your company flourish.

In any business or innovative environment, there is a increasing desire to expand the overall maintenance,  hardware’s that are used in within the business infrastructure, and the capacity to scale flawlessly. Managed services providers gives your business the instruments it needs to achieve these objectives.

As your managed services supplier, they will continually screen your system, anticipating potential issues and staying up with the latest. You can approach to privately based IT experts and get the sort of managed services that was beforehand just accessible to much bigger associations. With adaptable managed programs, you’ll disentangle your business and your financial plan, giving you an opportunity to concentrate on what’s most imperative while building your business.

It is important for one to choose managed services for its business, as it will provide you complete knowledge of position of your business. Besides infrastructure, internal matters also have to be performed in a better way with better managed services. Your everyday operations, accounting system and your asset information will be managed smoothly with managed services provider for your business.

There are numerous managed services provider available within Lexington KY.  The managed services providers will assist you in making your business grow for as long as it needs to be.

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Benefits Of Website Builders And Guest Blogging For Online Visibility


Website builders are online tools intended for users to create their personal site. These are provided by web hosting services. Customers need to sign up with a specific web hosting company to create social network content, personal web page, a complete business website, or an e-commerce site.

You can visit to look at the appealing and impressive templates provided. You will certainly find an appropriate one that can suit your specific niche. You may still be wondering how to use website builders and why. Below is a brief emphasizing on some valuable benefits of online website creators.

Coding knowledge is not needed

The web building programs are designed for people, who know nothing about programming. All the HTML and scripts are built-in and there is no need to write it. A builder saves time and aggravation of those competent in a few programming language (a small missing space in code line can cause errors). All the inputs and parameters work ideally, so why waste time in writing codes.

Visually appealing

A basic knowledge of graphic designing, sense of style and understand what visuals appeal to people is needed to design an efficient website. Majority of web builders are equipped with graphic abilities.

You may not distinguish the difference between TGA and JPG image, but can still add graphs, photos, and images onto the website. Logos can easily be created and uploaded on a preferred template chosen from the website builder’s theme library. Thus, enhance your sites visuals.

Easy to use website

Website navigation needs to be simple, so that customers can use it easily. A very advanced or complex site is unable to interact well and consumers leave the website. Everything needs to flow smoothly. You can use a relevant template and customize it in accordance to your personal needs. Ensure that both client-side and server-side functions work properly.

Guest blogging builds successful blogs and develops online business

If you desire to create a blog or business website, then there are many online paid and free website builders. Now, you have a live website, but to promote it you will need the help of content marketing experts. Today, guest blogging is undoubtedly the best technique to make a blog successful and develop an online business.

In addition, you can take help from SocialBoosterz for social media services across popular sites and grow your brand awareness.

Guest blogging benefits

  • Get quality traffic
  • Helps to build domain & search engine authority
  • Build online influence
  • Helps to build your authority
  • You build a writing portfolio
  • Consistent writing builds credibility
  • Enhances and hones your writing techniques
  • Widens your exposure & brand awareness
  • Gives opportunity to attain more subscribers
  • Get familiar with what others think about your work and thus gives you space to enhance
  • Builds a strong social media profile

The Guest Posts is experienced in strengthening website link profile and designs a strategy that is Google friendly. Client’s links are included in author’s bio section, thus you get referral traffic and good brand exposure.

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Nations Branch – What Are The Benefits Of Becoming Their Franchisee

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There are many mortgage companies that are in business all around the globe. Some are independently working, whereas some are working as franchisee of some big businesses. When you visit any mortgage company, you might notice the logo or brand name of franchisor company right next to the name of that particular company.

Nations Branch is one of the franchisor companies that have many franchisees, or also known as branch offices in different places. Such companies are not just regular branches of their company, but are also considered as the partners. The main aim of franchisor here is to get the branch offices to the same level as they are in and hence will make sure that they offer all treatments for such affiliates.

So, why should your mortgage company become the franchisee of Nations Lending Company? There are many reasons that can back this question. Firstly, they offer such packages for their franchisees, which is not easy to deny. The package includes vision, health, dental insurance, etc, including the 401 (k) beneficial programs.

There loan products will be designed in such a way that it fulfills the demand of all the borrowers. The portfolio includes Homepath, FHA, VA, 203k Full and Streamline, HARP 2, Jumbo, Foreign Nations, Hybrid Reverse, USDA, Conventional, etc. You can visit to know more about their loan portfolios for the customers.

People put together to work in any business can become the strongest team, only if the members work with one aim as well as share their views and thoughts. By keeping this idea in mind, Nations Lending Company has come up with such training programs for employees, which are best in molding the team members into team players. Every team consists of such experts, who are well versed in either any particular field, or can be the all-rounder, when the time comes.

Nations Lending firm does not only work as a banker, but will also perform as brokers, if it is necessary. As banker, they provide excellent pricing on all the loan products that are available from their company. The full staffed processing sector in almost all of their branch offices will work with the main goal of customer satisfaction.

Once your mortgage company becomes their franchisee, your company will receive constant pay on W-2 mode, along with some added benefits such as dental care, health care, vision care, and even the life insurance, for all your employees. All you have to do is raise the invoice and send it to their accounting branch. They will take care of paying all your expenses.

NationsBranch is the right choice, if you are looking for information regarding mortgage. Be it a vehicle or a home, or even a commercial property, they are the right choice. Their franchisees are available all around the globe. Their headquarters is located in the postal address, Nations Lending Corporation, 4 Summit Park Drive, Suite 200, Independence, OH 44131. You can visit them during their working hours to speak with the experts personally.

You can even call them with (800) 748-1939 number or mail your queries to the mail id, The experts will surely get back to you as early as possible with the answers to your question.

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Understanding About Hair And Scalp Problem With Trichology Mississauga

If you are yet to learn about trichology mississauga then, here is a simple term for you. Trichology is segment of dermatology that deals with science of function, structure, and diseases associated with human hair. Thus, when you are facing any trouble with your scalp and hair, a person that specializes in trichology will deal with the problems, studying it and giving you with an appropriate solution. From baldness, flaky scalp to hair breakage, all these issues falls under the broad category of trichology

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As you know, good hair growth is an indication of good health. Thus, if you are facing any problem with your hair, it is a sign that you are not completely healthy inside. Problems related to hair, is thus, to be taken seriously.  Only the treatments related to trichology can suggest you a proper treatment according to your hair type and growth. Preventing your hair within given time will help you cure other diseases as hair loss sometimes signifies your underlying health problems.


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College Majors With the Best ROI

When it comes to getting a college degree, you are really making an investment. Not only are you making an investment in your intellectual growth, you are also making an investment in your future. Indeed, individuals with a college degree make more money and they see more career growth. It’s almost like your degree is a key to mobility. However, there are a few degree programs that may be more worth it than others. If you look at your collegiate career like a business, you want to be able to find a major that will make you the biggest return on your investment. For instance, if you put X amount of dollars in going to Maryville University to enter the business world, you will hope that Y, which is your future salary, is greater to X. Get the picture? Here are some college majors with the best ROI, or return on investment.


One of the most lucrative careers out there is in the world of marketing. By majoring in this field, you can put yourself in a position where you are covering your college tuition with a single year’s worth of salary – or less. This is a very good return on investment, which should make you hopeful that you won’t be bootstrapping it forever.


Another major that will earn you a strong return on investment is in the consulting industry. As a consultant, you could be making a strong fee in a very short amount of time. If you work for major corporate clients, or a lobbying company, you could be making more money than you ever dreamed of. Whatever you spent on your degree won’t sound like anything once you are actually in the swing of things and working with real clients.

Information technology

If you enjoy technology and programming, you may want to study information technology. This is simply the study of information in the digital age. However, you don’t need to be a coder or programmer to get a high paying job with this degree. In fact, you could be at the helm of a company’s information technology department, directing other employees to complete programming and other tasks. Simply put, you could make a decent salary as the information technology lead at a hospital, clinic or even a Fortune 500 company.

Business Administration

When it comes to making a decent annual salary, you definitely want to look into business administration. With this position, you could be in a place to start your own business, or you can take the helm of a medium sized business. It is important to start small or medium until you are ready to go CEO. But whatever direction you decide to go in, the ROI will be huge.


On top of everything, you may want to think about majoring in accounting. As an accountant, you could not only be making a serious return on the investment you made in college – you can also continue to make a large annual salary. In the end, there is also plenty of room to grow in the accounting field.

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5 Ways to Maximize College Savings

College debt is one of the most pervasive worries young adults have. Upon graduation, they often tally up the doubts they have entering into adulthood and want to know how they can find beneficial situations. Thrown off from the safety and routine of being supported by parents and teachers, they are now in a situation where they are forced to harness their independence, despite how foreign it feels at the start.

Thoughts that stream through their heads include: How do I pay for this? Where do I start? How much debt will I have to pay off after the fact? Their concerns are logical and valid. There are five methods you can use in preparation to maximize your college savings.

  1. Strategize and Make Use of Your Resources

Financial aid is an approach that many students make use of, whether they are attending Harvard or New England College. Fleshing out the complexities of financial aid is dependent on whether you are living in a household or apply as an independent. The most common way this is done is via filling out the free application for federal student aid form and figuring out what can be granted to you. Depending on what you are eligible for, state and private institutions cater to this process in which you can take advantage of certain grants, additional loans, and merit-based awards.

  1. Liquidate and Spend Down any Funds in a 529 College Savings Plan

If you’re fortunate enough that your parents or family members started to save early for your college education and opened a 529 savings plan, then spend that money first. Since there are strict guidelines as to what 529 funds can be used for, it is best to spend this account down before taking out any other loans. Using the funds in a parent-owned 529 plan, or transferring a non-parent 529 plan to a parent, if you have the luxury, will be another way to maximize your college savings.

  1. Use Roth IRA Funds

Tapping into a Roth IRA account provides flexibility because instead of being a rigid option, funds are more fluid and not bound to penalties. Residual funds can be placed in other areas of saving. The assets in a Roth IRA are also not counted in the FAFSA protocol, so it can be a good backup plan to have.

  1. Invest in a Prepaid Plan

This may not be an option for some, but if you have the initial resources, it is an option that is worth it. With a prepaid college investment, you or your family can purchase college credits for later use. You pay a premium over the current cost of college and to offset projected tuition inflation.

  1. Get a Job

If you are currently in or planning for college, consider online platforms for financial gain. There are multiple web sources that can offer you a bit of income that you can add to your college savings. If you can find a remote opportunity, such as freelance writing or something similar to garner a bit of extra cash on the side, any bit will help if you are serious-minded and diligent about your outcome. These strategies will depend on many factors, mostly external. Brainstorm and find the right plan for you.

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How to Plan Your Business School Campus Visits

Everyone knows how expensive it can be just to apply to colleges, but visiting those colleges is a whole new expense of its own. Depending on how far you have to travel, when you can take time off of work, and how many schools you plan to visit, your campus tours could end up costing you almost as much as your first semester of college. That’s why you need to plan things out very carefully and make sure that you’re not being inefficient with your spending. Here is how to plan your business school campus visits.

Decide How Far You are Willing to Travel

Before you start applying to schools, you’re going to have to be realistic with yourself when it comes to how far away you are willing to go. Are you willing to leave the country? Are you willing to leave your state? Are you willing to venture to the other side of the Mississippi? You want to remember that you will probably want to come home during the holidays and summer break, and you will need to account for the travel costs for all of those breaks.

Make a List of Top Schools

Coming up with a list of top schools is not as easy as most people would think. You need to do a lot of research before you can narrow down that list. First, you need to research the accreditation for a specific program, then you need to do some research on some of the top faculty, and lastly, you need to compare your findings between different schools. You want to know how USC’s library science degree program differs from that of USF’s, and so on.

Find Out Which Ones Hold Interviews

Depending on the school you’re applying to and the specific programs that you’re looking at, you may or may not need to show up for an interview before the school decides on your acceptance. It’s important that you find out which schools will require an in-person interview and which ones won’t. Once you know that much, you can make sure not to visit those particular schools until you find out whether or not you have an interview.

Do Some Research on Travel Costs

It’s important that you know how much it’s going to cost you to do all of these visits and whether or not there are better times of the year for visiting each school. Any time there is a major convention or festival in any particular city, travel is going to be more expensive. You want to make sure that you do some research on each city that you plan to travel to and make sure that you are scheduling your flights and/or booking hotels during times when tourism is low.

Take Advantage of Google Maps

There’s nothing worse than putting all the time, energy and money into a college campus visit, only to be disappointed the moment you walk onto the campus. If this is the case, you will be kicking yourself for not doing a virtual tour beforehand. That’s why you want to use a program like Google maps, so that you can get a street view tour of the campus before you actually head out there.

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The Benefits of Starting a Side Business in College

Being a college student and an entrepreneur is a trend that’s growing increasingly popular today. The Internet has made it so that anyone can become a business owner at anytime. But whether or not the business becomes a success is another story. Starting a side business while you’re still in college can be beneficial in a number of ways. It can teach you a lot of lessons early on, allowing you to perfect your methods before you get out into the real world. If you’re studying business or marketing at the University of Cincinnati, then this is a great way to get your feet wet.

Here is quick look at some of the benefits associated with starting a side business while you’re still a college student.

The Risk is Low and the Reward is High

As a college student, you don’t really have much to lose. It’s not like you have a mortgage, car note and children to worry about. So why not take this giant leap of faith in starting up your own side hustle? Worst case scenario, your business ends up being a flop, putting you back to square one. On the up side, it could end up a winner, awarding you with unimaginable profits. It’s a good time to test the waters and learn from your mistakes.

Free Resources On Campus

In the real world, you have to spend thousands of dollars on education, books and consulting services. But in college, you have access to a large public library, electronic databases and professors who are willing to give you great insight. There are some professors who will be more than happy to help you jumpstart a new business.

Get a Dose of the Read World

Running a business will give you real world experience that can be used in your career later on in life. Even if you don’t continue to be an entrepreneur, you can use the lessons learned to work in whatever positions you end up in down the road. You can only learn but so much from college textbooks. If you really want to grow as an individual and professional, this is a great way to do that.

Easily Test Your Ideas

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of students on campus who may be willing to test out your ideas. If you have a fashion line, bakery or tutoring service you want to kickstart, you can start accumulating customers from your college campus. Another good thing about testing your ideas on other students is that they will be open to offering their honest feedback. Don’t take this to heart – use negative comments as an opportunity to perfect your business plan.

Easy Access to Mentors

All you have to do is throw around that you’re a student at so and so and you can get access to entrepreneurs who are more than happy to set aside time to give you advice about your new start up. Just email the CEO’s assistance and they’ll put you in touch with the boss.

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5 Helpful GMAT Prep Tips

The GMAT is one of the most fascinating standardized tests. It doesn’t measure one’s intelligence and it doesn’t measure knowledge – or even skill for that matter. The truth is that the GMAT will test an individual’s problem solving abilities. This ability to problem solve is essential in higher learning and it is essential in your career.

For instance, if you are taking the GMAT to get into business school, your score will determine whether you get into a good business school and a great business school, like Northeastern University. Before you take the test, it can help to have some GMAT prep tips. The exam is known to be difficult to those that don’t understand its nuances. Here are five helpful GMAT prep tips.

  1. Take Practice Tests to Get a Feel for What it Will Be Like to Take the Real Thing

The real exam will be unlike many tests you have taken in the past. This is why you want to take practice exams – to get a feel for how the questions are worded. You also want to get a feel for how you will answer those questions.

  1. Work with a Tutor that Knows the Exam Backwards and Forwards

If you feel like you are stuck, or if the practice test is too hard, you may want to work with a tutor. A specialized GMAT tutor will help you get the hang of the test. More than anything, you want to get into the mindset of the test. Oftentimes, getting into this mindset is half the work.

  1. Be Sure that You Go Over Your Notes and Work out the Problems

Of course, your GMAT will present a lot of problems that you will need to solve – in a short amount of time. This is sort of how the real world will be. If you are in a situation where the business you work for needs an immediate decision, you will need to solve a problem very quickly. This is exactly why you want to go over your notes and really become prepared with the materials that may be on the exam.

  1. Get Plenty of Sleep the Night Before the Exam

Of course, you want to be sure that you get a full night of sleep the night before the exam. Your cognitive thinking abilities will really be put to the test, so you will need to be firing on all cylinders. Even at the end of the exam, when you are ready to quit, you want to have your backup generators ready. The only way to do this is with eight hours of sleep the night before.

  1. Take a Jog Around the Block Before You Start the Test

On top of everything, you may want to think about taking a jog around the block before the exam. This will release endorphins and it will get your blood pumping. This will be essential if you want to boost your cognitive capabilities. Besides, this will be the type of test preparation technique that you will use repeatedly when you are earning Northeastern’s online masters in taxation.

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